It’s no cliché, focusing on love changes your life

Our FOCUS is the most important “skill” that we can develop and train. If you want to be successful in life with anything, then you have to train your focus first.

It helps to mediate regularly to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore (thoughts, behaviours, emotions..) – or if you’re badass af leave the meditation and just let go 😅 – and focus on your GOAL (including new thoughts, behaviours and emotions).
Most importantly, dedicate your life to focus on LOVE as often as possible. You always have the choice to either focus on love or fear. Choose love. It can be difficult, yes, BUT it’s worth it. 
Love your experiences! Even the negative ones, so that you’ll be able to change them easier without resistance – there is a reason why you have to go through them. Ask yourself: what can I learn here? Why is this repeating again and again in my life? We are no victims, it’s time to change this belief on our planet.

Love people! When I write love, it doesn’t mean having deep feelings for everyone, but trying to be compassionate and understanding that everyone is going through their own journey with their own world-view and story. Our relationships can trigger us, hurt us, and influence us in a huge way – but only as far as we allow it. Try to understand other peoples experience from your heart. Take your focus down to your heart space and look from there. The mind doesn’t like that and it takes courage and vulnerability. Just acknowledge that. You know, most people are still very unconscious and their behavior day in day out is based on painful past experiences, because they don’t want to look and change. That’s why their behavior (especially the one that triggers you) actually has nothing to do with you.

When you see life from a loving perspective and this really requires dedication to the focus on love, everything starts to flow and you are raising your vibration. Over time you’ll be able to BE LOVE (it’s like as if you’re getting hugged by love) instead of getting lost in ego story and pain when something triggers you. Sure, you might fall back into your story, but you need to realign your focus back to what is relevant. It’s like taking yourself by the hand and showing yourself the right direction. You’ll go through life lesson much easier and you’ll see that things fall into place when you connect with love and your heart – then take action and go have an awesome life 💛


Celebrate Your Fears

This video is very funny. I had to laugh out loud because yes: often times we take ourselves far too seriously. Well, I can speak for myself:)

When we feel fear, we tend to run away or freeze. This way we build up resistance and we don’t see the chance to grow through this particular experience. We feel scared and want this emotion to go away – and this makes it even worse. We concentrate on what we don’t want.

When we feel scared and aren’t in real danger, this is the moment to stop and take a look inside. Feel your fear and do it anyway, because on the other side of your fear is freedom. Take it easy. Celebrate your fear. Acknowledge it. Be curious. It is just an emotion, again: energy moving through your body.

There is always a lesson to learn. Ask yourself: what is the reason I feel this way? What are my thoughts about this situation? Is it true? What is the worst thing that could happen here? How do I want to feel instead?

Next time you feel fear try to relax your body and your focus on these negative and fearful thoughts. Breathe slowly and deeply! Meditation can help you to get clear about your thought patterns, limiting beliefs and can help you to relax your body and your focus.