Enjoy the ride, you are alive!

Remember, sometimes life changes in a heartbeat. We don’t always feel at our best, but just try to see how amazing this life is! YOU ARE ALIVE! Living on a spinning ball in the universe! Wtf! 😍😱

So… Enjoy the ride!

Please don’t take a job that doesn’t resonate with you and don’t take the words of your boss to heart if he isn’t appreciating your skills and work, most people are dealing with their own issues; don’t just work to have a great looking CV in 10 years – follow your excitement instead, be courageous and trust that everything will fall into place if you take heart-based action steps. You want to make a change of career? Go for it! You want to travel more? Find a way to make this happen then! You wanna change the way you have been in intimate relationships, want to connect with and learn from more people you feel attracted to? If this resonates, DO IT! It doesn’t matter if your neighbour will talk negatively about you, or your friends don’t agree with your choice if you think that’s something that you should do. Want to make a change in the world? Expand your own consciousness and make that change! Whatever it is that your heart desires… there is a reason your heart is “speaking” to you… listen to it, make a plan and then focus all your energy to reach that goal or make that change! Get yourself help if you need. Take your fear with you. There is always always ALWAYS a way no matter how difficult the situation and how far your desired reality looks like 🙏🏼 if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Don’t close a door before you haven’t even opened it yet. 🌱

Be completely honest with yourself and others – express yourself even if that means you will be feeling emotions like vulnerability and weakness, you can transcend that… or you might trigger someone else’s emotions… happens all the time! Don’t do or say what others expect you to do or say – it will make YOU unhappy 😳 If something doesn’t feel good its your higher self telling you: this is not true on the highest level – can you change to a more aligned perspective?

Let go of holding onto grudges and past mistakes – forgive quickly and choose love over hate… Let go of your ego, your pain, your righteousness, it will make your relationships and your life much easier. Everyone has the right for his/her own opinion and experience, and if we learn to listen and let go of the need to be right, we 1. Learn about another person’s view on the world and their perception and 2. might even learn something new for ourselves. We can only find resonance, flexibility, openness and agreements when we are vibrating on the same frequency so to say. It doesn’t work to try to convince someone when he/she is not even open for change. And another point: how will you ever know what’s true and what’s not?! 🤔 I just invite you to flow a bit more, like water. But one thing is important: have respect and treat another person the way you would like to be treated too! Kindness doesn’t hurt! ✌🏽

Find something everyday that makes you smile  – even on a rainy day, embrace your inner child from time to time, do something crazy, fun, be silly – yes! 🙂 Surround yourself with the people and things you love. And fucking follow your dreams, you don’t have forever, take action! There’s no other person on earth like you, you have a unique gift that the world needs. No one is better and no one is worse than you. Yes, there are very dumb people in the world but you might have ended up the same way if you would have grown up in their shoes – wish them more love and compassion in their heart! Help where you can help, and be wise enough to distinguish where you can’t 😔

If we all start with ourselves, the world will soon be a much better place –  but again… look around, count your blessings, it’s already amazing… can you see that?

There is always at least one thing, one piece of knowledge or wisdom gained from your unique experience that can also make a positive change in somebody else’s life ♥️ You are loved!

– Hugs, Sarita



Finding your purpose


Summer 2017

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

One day I decided for myself that my general purpose is very simple: ENJOYING LIFE and BEING the highest expression of divine/ god/ love/ consciousness possible in any moment of life. But what’s my individual purpose? And what’s yours?

Many people in my generation are getting pretty frustrated because they can’t find their individual purpose, looking for it everywhere, but in themselves.

In summer 2017 I had a coaching call with the wonderful Cory Katuna and she simply asked me: What are the most beautiful memories of your life, and… how did you feel in these moments?

And all of a sudden… it was crystal clear. Spot on. It felt like I downloaded the answer from the Universe.

These were moments were I felt most connected. My soul felt seen.

So the most beautiful moments of my life answered: Showing people that they BELONG. See them. Showing the world that we are one, that everyone has an important role. No one is better than the other. We are all in this together. We all have a gift to share. I think our individual purpose is always to be found in a change of focus – from me to we.

Wow what a big insight. What a purpose. Where did this come from, I wondered?

Then I started to think deeper.


Look deeper (Source: Pixabay)

As long as I can remember I have always been a seeker of the feeling of belonging, and of feeling worthy of belonging, but I wasn’t really aware of that emptiness inside of me and I never felt fulfilled because I first needed to truly understand that this inner emptiness is never going to be found outside. I needed to understand that only I can fill the void by letting go of all the misconceptions I held onto and by realising that what’s stopping me from feeling connected is myself and nothing/ no one else.

How many people are longing for this feeling of being/feeling fully accepted, loved and seen? And are struggling with a sense of not feeling quite right where they are? Even if it’s subtle. I hear it ever so often that people say (or indirectly say) things like, First I need to get there AND THEN everything will be good. I will be enough. I’m almost there – only this last workshop, let me just work a little bit harder on this skill, let me make -this- experience… then I will feel complete. Be enough. One day. I will meet my other half, the person who will fulfill me. One day. Or let’s better say: never?!

Do you know that your freedom is only one THOUGHT AWAY?

You are enough! Stop struggling. No acknowledgement from anyone else necessary. Period. From this realisation onwards, everything will flow and work itself out. Let life do the job for you, honey.

I’m not saying that you should stop having dreams, aspirations, goals – the world needs your gift and self-expression. But postponing you sense of worthiness in whatever regard into the future? – We don’t have time for that.

When we enquiry and start to see, we „real-eyes“ that our need to get somewhere first to finally get where we imagine us to be is just a thought. A thought caused by millions of „reasons“ and limiting beliefs, caused by society, childhood experiences, disconnectedness.

You don’t need to get anywhere. You do belong. You are enough. This is your birthright. No matter who you are, no matter what you have been through and what you are going through right now.

Everyone needs to know that and feel that. It’s a knowing. A state of being.

I’m not darkness, I am light. So are you. You are god. You are a beautiful being, a soul that is on its journey experiencing life. To shine, create, express, love, learn, be. There is no way you are less than anyone else in the entire universe.

How can you know that you belong, that the world needs you and your special gift? That you are already seen?

Well, you are here! If that isn’t enough confirmation for yourself… Realise it through your memories. Remember words that someone said to you that made you feel very special and loved? Received a hug from someone? or just… sit down with yourself, and acknowledge to yourself that there is nothing else you have to achieve to feel it. Feel connected, here and now, not tomorrow. You’re independent of anyone else’s acceptance. Can you access that sense of belonging… that you are perfect the way you are? Absolutely loved, amazing, and beautiful? When have you experienced this the last time? If ever?

What do you need… to feel that you belong? What makes the feeling of belonging present inside your body? Ask yourself.

Belonging in a sense of being enough. Loved. Being right, right here. Part of everything that exists. No matter what’s going on around you right now.

That’s why I love being kind and smiling to people. And no, I am not always like that, because I have “bad days” as well. But just a short notice of acknowledgement is enough to show someone else: I see you. You matter. Give this gift as often as possible.

Open your heart. Trust. Know.


Trust (Source: Pixabay)

You matter.

You belong.

So I invite you to think back on the most beautiful moments of your life and look for the strongest emotion you felt back then. That is what you should give to the world to make a difference.




Picture yourself having no fantasy (Aphantasia and its effects)


I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO CREATE A MENTAL IMAGE IN MY WAKING STATE and up until a few months ago I wasn’t even aware of the fact that my experience of the world is so different compared to yours and the experience of millions of other people. But I’m not alone, in fact there are thousands of people who have no mind’s eye and even more since many don’t even know – yet.

If you have never heard about Aphantasia then this post may change your life. Maybe you will appreciate your ability to create mental images more; maybe you are a leader or personal growth enthusiast and you will realise that you might have to change many of your imagination/ meditation approaches (think of guided visual meditations); or maybe you are a teacher and you used to think that all children are able to see images with their mind’s eye, not being aware of the fact that many thousands of students have difficulty taking mental pictures of what has to be learned and you might need to find new learning strategies; or maybe this post simply gives you some ideas for conversations at your next family or friends get together.

The TEDX video below sums up my personal experience so well, Tamara Alireza shares what it means to see the world without imagination:

No mind’s eye.

The TEDX video linked above sums up my personal experience so well.

Having no mind’s eye also means for some people that you have difficulty describing how your mom looks like or recalling the face of your boyfriend when he is not there. It’s not that I don’t know how they look like, I’m very good with face recognition in real life, but I can’t see them in my mind’s eye. I can however recall some facts that I saved in my memory, also certain feelings and sometimes even voices but it takes a lot of focus and effort. If I was ever to make a witness report about a crime that happened in front of my eyes , the investigator would probably laugh about the details I’ll give him.

Isn’t it interesting that sometimes you only find out that you are different when you speak openly about your experience of the world? Almost 30 years of my life I didn’t even know that others do have a mind’s eye! We generally have no idea how someone else’s reality might be like until we speak about it. And even then we can only get a glimpse of it.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about ”Imagination and Visualization” which I shared in a Facebook group and this post had a great resonance and many interesting comments from the readers – it made people think and share their own experience. Most importantly however, it made people realize how different everyone is experiencing life.

I wrote:

No matter what personal growth book you are reading, what teacher you’re listening to, which workshop or class you’re attending – it’s often all about Visualisation/ Imagination, isn’t it?

“Visualize your dream life, dream partner, goals,…. see yourself having reached your goal and truly feel it… imagine your favorite beach, listen to the waves, see the blue ocean… remember your most beautiful moment and relive this moment again… evoke the emotions you experienced back then”

I thought, “Yes everyone talks about it but why Imagination must be so fu***** hard?! Or is this just another (limiting) belief that I have?! Why does everyone presume that this is something everyone can easily do? I am meditating regularly since 9 years and I have never seen an image in my mind.”

Seriously, these were my thoughts.

Since many years I have this book on my reading list, it’s called “The Masterkey System” – it talks mainly about the importance of Visualizations and how you can be a powerful conscious Creator of your life when perfecting this skill. I always wanted to finish the book, but I never got to the next chapter because you have to do this task after each chapter which is to visualize CLEARLY. I started the exercise several times with all the focus I had but I could I never saw “clearly” – so I put the book aside again and again and again. I’ve experienced similar frustrations with other tasks like guided meditations f.e. Or when I was in school and needed to learn for exams. Are you guys actually consciously or unconsciously creating images to remember things better?

By now, we all know that Imagination is an incredibly powerful tool to access something bigger than ourselves. New inventions are being created in the minds eye; Architects are creating houses, entire cities; Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, John Lennon,… they all talk about it’s power. And I too believe that it’s the most powerful thing on this planet. That’s why it always bothered me a lot that I have difficulty accessing scenes deeply and clear with my minds vision.

I can imagine things, but there is no picture to it.
I believe that Imagination through Visualization especially can lead us to new frequencies, new ways of being, new worlds. And you can access it’s magic through the senses: images, sound, feelings, taste, and smells.

A few weeks ago I read this article on Quora where someone asked why they just see black/ darkness when they close their eyes? –>

All I see is BLACK

 “Wow thats exactly my experience! – but wait, I thought all my life that everyone has more or less a similar experience when trying to imagine?!”

Turns out I was completely wrong and that truly blowed my mind.

Then someone commented with the following article on the post that I shared.

Blake Ross, founder of Firefox, shares his experience with Aphantasia and this is a very funny read –>

How it feels to be blind in your minds eye

The following conversation that Ross had with a friend sounds very similar to my conversations that I had with many people in the last months:

Blake Ross: “—If I ask you to imagine a beach, how would you describe what happens in your mind?

—Uhh, I imagine a beach. What?

—Like, the idea of a beach. Right?

—Well, there are waves, sand. Umbrellas. It’s a relaxing picture. You okay?

—But it’s not actually a picture? There’s no visual component?

—Yes there is, in my mind. What the hell are you talking about?

—Is it in color?


—How often do your thoughts have a visual element?

—A thousand times a day?

—Oh my God.”


Here I am, trying to imagineer my life day in and day out – since years, without being aware of the possibility that I probably simply can’t – or can I but just can’t access it yet?

It hasn’t been studied enough yet.

When I try to visualise, I’m getting a feeling for the mental image, but it’s not like any of my dreams that I’m having – which are actually quite vivid, detailed and “real”.

When I close my eyes (or leave them open as Imagination doesn’t have to happen with your eyes closed – many people imagine with their eyes open) I don’t see a beach, an apple, or a person. All I see is… darkness (or nothing when I have my eyes open). When I try to imagine a scene, I have difficulty accessing feeling states. And that accessing of feeling states is what it’s all about!! This is what makes you powerful!

You surely heard about the famous imagination example of biting into a lemon?

Imagine a lemon with all it’s detail. Now imagine taking a knife and cutting the lemon open into two pieces; take half of the lemon, smell the aroma, feel the skin and the texture, clearly see the lemon in front of your mind’s eye and now take a bite.

Do your senses respond? Do you taste it? – A person with an ability to create mental images probably has a strong sensual reaction.

I personally get the feeling and the sensory stimulation a little bit, but have no yellow lemon in front of my mental eye (I only work with my memory and have therefore a weak reaction). Some people with Aphantasia don’t even get the sensory stimulation.

I can describe things in my mind quite well, and I somehow agree… I must have this image stored somewhere since I can describe it, but I can’t really pinpoint it, and I clearly don’t see anything – it’s somewhere in the space of my awareness. Someone said its like imagining without switching on the screen. This is how it feels like.

So I started asking everyone:

When you imagine something, do you actually see it in color and like – almost real – in front of your minds eye if you want to? Hundreds of “YES of course!”


I said: “If I would actually see something so real, I would sit and visualise all day long- I mean… how cool is that!! Just out of fun and because I know how powerful and creative I would be!!”

So if you take your mental images for granted, I hope this post inspires you to be more grateful for this skill.

There’s a group on Facebook with around 2500 people who experience Aphantasia – the number is growing constantly. We have been asked to share the advantage of not being able to visualise, someone wrote:

Ease of contemplating the void (some people have to meditate all their lives to get to where we live)

This is a point. A very good point actually. But there are always two sides, right?

I’ve been questioning this lack of imagination of course, because I try to approach life from an enquiring perspective. I don’t like to have an attitude like “this is a fact and you can’t change that”. I’d love to imagineer beyond this but…. do I have to accept that I simply can’t or is it just an untrained muscle?  – and again, my dreams are absolutely VIVID, so much so that I wake up everyday being amazed about how on earth “I” can be so creative – everything is so full in detail. When I can have mental images in my dreams, then why not while being awake?

There was one guy who answered on the above mentioned Quora question, and this totally resonated with me: “Don’t let others tell you that this is a thing you can’t fix (…)

He goes on… “But somehow, every single one of them assumes you’d know how to do this.” (…) He also used to see only black, but trained his visualisation with after-images to build the muscle more and more and says then: “First, I got zero results. Then, after about 2-3 weeks, I started seeing blurry, fading shapes. Next, I experienced very short moments of happy clarity. But still, very unstable.

Finally, after several months of daily practice sessions, I can now create vivid and controllable scenes, like being my own movie director.

Thus, I dare to say, that so called “aphantasia” (the dysfunction of the mind’s eye) does not exist. In my personal experience, aphantasia is solely the inability to see with your mind’s eye because of an untrained mental muscle.”

I wouldn’t go so far to say that Aphantasia doesn’t exists. It does. It is nothing that has to be fixed either. And many people said that they have tried to imagine for years, and they are happy to finally relax into the knowingness that they are not able to change that. They are not missing anything.
On the other side, there are people who lost their ability to visualise later in life (through surgery, medications, …) and are having a tough time.
Everyone has their own unique power-sense to access different states of being. Some people have a visual ear – that seems to be the case for me (f.e. see the gif below. Many people actually hear the thud –> Check out the GIF)
Some can access intense feelings through music, smell, taste, etc. But I’d say that imagination is most powerful when it comes to creation.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress of enquiring, learning, and training of the minds eye.


I’d love to hear about your experience: What do you see when you visualize if anything? What is your power sense?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Some other articles if you are interested in Aphantasia linked here:






Include your body in your healing process

I can’t highlight enough how important the body and it’s energy field is when it comes to „healing“ and „feeling empowered“💪🏽
Yoga/ Body Work, Personal Development Work, Meditation, and Breathing can have a powerful influence on your well-being and help to free up blocked emotions (💖~motion=flow), but I also recommend to take care of your body especially in regards of the food that you are eating (gut health), and consider to check the degree of toxicity of your body through heavy metals, pesticides etc. – they have a severe impact on your emotions and thoughts, and therefore your ability to expand your consciousness. 🌀

The products below are only a few of my personal favorites that really did wonders for me. Plus the dietary changes I’ve made in the past few years according to my individual needs checked with my (quantum) doctor. 

And besides letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you anymore, surround yourself with your favorite scents, activate your energy field, anchor yourself in awareness, see what you can be grateful for, listen to your favorite music, dance, accept negative emotions and thoughts (see them for what they are – energy – don’t focus too much on them or change your perspective on them), give and receive hugs, sleep well, laugh a lot and spread love wherever and whenever you can ❤️ 

Use whatever resonates for you that makes you feel good.

Love, S 



How I successfully completed a 9-year cycle and how life is always guiding you in the right direction

In Numerology they talk about the 9-year cycle – the last one having started in 2008 and ended in 2016. Personally speaking I’m not a big fan of Numerology and Astrology, or rather I don’t like to be put in a box, neither do I like to pigeonhole things, but somehow you can always find some truth for yourself, right? While I was writing this post I had this thought about the 9-year cycle popping up in my head and yeah … here is my story.

New beginnings. 2008.

The year I started to study International Tourism-and Event Management; and the year I’ve had a life-changing car accident that I survived thanks to all my angel buddies up there.

Then in 2009 things really started to shake up.

The night from the 5th to the 6th of January – I remember as if it was yesterday: It was the first week of exams — but simply too many — and I felt so much pressure and panic. The university I went to was private, so that probably was one of the reasons why I gave myself so much pressure. It was the beginning of a year-long journey of sleep disorder, depression and anxiety.

In the same year my mom went through a heart surgery which we were not sure about if she would survive. Growing up with my moms many diseases I was used to being the strong and optimistic girl for her and everyone, but this wasn’t easy of course and I’m so glad to see her so healthy today after almost 29 years of my life and 51 years of her life ❤

2009 was also the year I visited Ibiza for the first time and where I fell in love with this island. I recently said to someone: “It felt like coming home.” Back then – in Hamburg – I was looking for a 4 month-internship abroad for my studies. I had no idea which country I should choose, but thought “Spain could be nice for a few months”. 🌴🌞 So I opened Google Search and the first result was a job offer in a party hotel on Ibiza which almost everyone in my class knew about, except me.

I applied, went to the interview, got the job.

“Let’s see”, I thought.

Office and Animation: Taking care of guests, doing stage performances and games, dancing and being fun all day/ night long, (almost) no sleep. 🤐 Nobody told me about the latter, neither did I know or was I prepared for how daily life in a party hotel looks like 😅 It was a fun time – though up until today I’m not sure how I / we survived that, but when you are around your 20s anything is possible 😉 During these few months I kind of denied/ forgot all my challenges and inner chaos; well, I absolutely had not a free minute to care at all. So they came back even stronger after my time abroad.

During that summer I didn’t really see anything from Ibiza, except the hotel, but the energy of the island made me come back every year after that until one day in 2015 I decided to say “Goodbye Germany” 🇩🇪—>🇪🇸👋🏻

Because… again, Life somehow guided or let’s say “pushed” me to go follow my dreams and leave my comfort zone.

With that said 2009 being the year of the beginning of my spiritual journey and Dark Night Of The Soul 🌑 I remember how my Grandma gave me the first self-help book I’ve ever opened; The Power of The Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy – a book that she always looked into during difficult times, she said to me. I was very curious because I’ve always been very fascinated by the topics that go deeper.

Interesting… how you REAL-EYES in retrospect: everything is connected, everything makes so much sense. ✨

In this period of 9 years I’ve experienced uncountable days of inner hell, not knowing how to emotionally survive the next day, how to go to work, how to go shopping, how to look another person (anyone!) into the eyes, how to speak about that and make another person understand what’s going on (so I didn’t even tried). – Sorry to many friends if you ever wondered why I haven’t been really present in your life – The simplest things in life were now the hardest. I was so ashamed of the fact that I could be seen as “weak”, having been the “strong” girl all my life. — I thought, “Who am I now with all those problems that not even I was able to explain?” Every time I tried to put my experience into words … these words didn’t do justice to what my experience really was like.

In the beginning of this cycle I’ve experienced days where I didn’t wanted TO BE alive anymore because of the suffering; it was so exhausting, and I had so much darkness coming up that it was very tough to keep on shining my light. But I never gave up. I always knew that all this has to make sense, will be over one day,.. the solution must be there.

These years felt like being in a giant dark labyrinth that you are trying to figure out for ages. Sometimes you think you finally got the right way out (and all seems .. yeah … kinda ok) and then you realize and have to admit that you are still absolutely lost, feeling frustrated and alone. But I made it through. It took me 9 years (can’t believe I’m writing this! 9 😳😧) until feeling emotionally stable and really good again – I went from one inner challenge to the next inner challenge. And now it feels surreal writing about it.

Additionally during these years I’ve went through a soulmate relationship that was the biggest catalyst for my growth, one of the most difficult experiences of my life so far, but also absolutely beautiful because of all the love and compassion I’ve felt inside of me. People might think a soulmate relationship is meant to last forever but often this is not the case. However, they are the most powerful, beneficial, deepest and challenging relationships you will have – they are magical because you can’t put your head around the fact that these people that you feel so deeply connected with actually exist – they will serve you in a most profound way. And also… there are many “soulmates” and maybe even deeper connections in your life.

Honestly, looking back to my past self, I’m very proud of how far I’ve come – maybe not so much on the outside as I could have; like in regards to my action steps on building something etc (I know that’s relative), but very very far inside.

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.”

I know (and probably always knew) that this period was the biggest gift I could have received, because I learned so much about myself, about life, about others. 🎁 There was NOT ONE day in these years where I didn’t actively decided to grow, learn from other people and teachers, read, reflect, and dive deep. SERIOUSLY, NOT ONE. It became my passion to learn more about the mind, emotions and consciousness. I’ve went to doctors, body workers, past life coaching, and personal growth workshops all over the world and followed my inner guidance system step by step. My biggest wish was to understand all this chaos and myself – the darkness and the light.

Nowadays I see how many people are waking up (i.e. the process of ending suffering) and it’s so wonderful and important to know that we are never alone, that we are all on the same journey, that we have to share our story, be compassionate, and need to learn from each other.

I must admit that this seeking for answers made me a bit tired of going to workshops, healing ceremonies etc – not because I think that there is nothing else to learn, quite the contrary, but I think everything needs a balance and having invested so much time of my life “taking in” and being there for myself, it’s now time to “give” as well. First you have to fill your cup and take care of yourself to be able to give. This might also be another stage where we learn on a completely different level.

I’m at a point where I stopped seeking actively, a point where I feel awake and en-lightened (meaning: feeling lighter; not feeling superior or further than someone else), hopefully able to help other people somehow or at least sharing more with the world.

The learning about yourself and life will never end, and I find that there are always new areas I like to explore… most interesting for me are the different stages of consciousness and other topics in personal growth that I never had the energy and time to explore further.

But first you will have to wake up, to all the illusions and lies that are going on inside and without.

First comes Self-Realization, then Self-Actualization.

I‘m writing this because many people have always only seen me smiling, and I know there are many souls out there who are suffering emotionally and psychologically tremendously – you will never see what someone else is going through – and I just want you to know that this too shall pass❤️ I have so much compassion for you, my friend. Darkness must be exposed before it can be healed and released.

“That which has to give light, must be able to withstand burning.”

And it’s not always solved by just realizing you are not your thoughts and you are only suffering because you are identified with mind; your thoughts and emotions, which you are not. At this stage of my life I believe that this does work at a certain stage, yes, but not in every case. Sometimes things are a bit — more complex, like life itself. So if you ever think that you are crazy, because people make it look so easy, and you ask yourself why years of meditation and realizations don’t bring you to the happy life you wish to live (again), don’t worry – you are not crazy. You are closer to where you want to be like ever before🙏🏼

I guess we are lucky if we are going through a difficult time nowadays because through the worldwide conscious shift, trauma and thought can be healed faster than ever before. We reached the next level.

Anyways, if you ever feel like reaching out to me, please do so. I will be very happy to share with you my story.

However it’s only my truth and I’ve done so many things that I can’t even know for sure what IT was that has helped me be and feel the light again, that I am and that we all are in our essence… but I know the healing stages I’ve went through. I took a holistic approach towards it. My truth doesn’t have to resonate with your journey. And I also like to say: I know that I know nothing. And in regard to any personal growth advice: just because something is working for so many others, doesn’t mean that it has to work for you. We are all unique.

End. 2017.

I’m forever grateful for this intelligent invisible force that is within us and everywhere around us, guiding us and loving us 💛

To a brighter and lighter future for everyone xx

Light and Darkness go together

“She had to break apart before she could find the treasure inside.” ~ Mark Anthony ❣️

It’s very true that – without darkness we could never appreciate the light for we would never know the opposite of it. So when you are going through a phase of challenges and difficulties, remember that it’s just temporary and that there is always a hidden treasure. These times always give you a chance to grow – your inner strength, your willpower and your consciousness 🌀💎

Change your perspective, don’t take on the victim role, take positive inspired actions and this will change your life 💗

Ready for change

I wrote this article in reply to a post from the Facebook page “Humans of New York”.

In this post a smart young boy says:

“I don’t think I’m going to miss eighth grade. It’s been a tough year. A lot of my friends are struggling with depression and self-harm, and it’s hard for me to watch. I just care about them so much. Growing up is so hard for some people. It’s such a big thing. It’s your foundation, I guess. You’re becoming you. It’s such a big thing and we’re going through it right now. Some of my friends are struggling with loving themselves and loving life. I think they forget that we’re still learning. They think that they’re already who they’re going to be. They think they know the future. And it’s going to be horrible. And they’ll never be able to fix it. But that’s not true because we’re still changing. And we’ll always be changing. Even when we’re old, we’ll be changing.”

These are my thoughts:

Honest and caring words from a young boy whose worries represent the life of thousands, if not millions of young people in the world. Growing up shouldn’t be hard for anyone, children should not experience depression and struggle with self-love.

How much better would the world be if every child could enjoy and connect their childhood and teenage years with playfulness, joy, ease, time in nature, feelings of gratitude, creativity, happy years of growth, years of connection and love, filled with dreams and ideas… at least, for the major part.

It’s true – we’ll always be changing and we need change, actually we’re everyday another version of ourselves – that’s the beauty, WE CAN be whoever we f** want to be.
And it’s especially time for the change of our school systems and their way of education, it’s time to start teaching what is most important to live a healthy, successful, happy, and fun life. This young boy, Logan Laplante, sums it up pretty well in his TED X talk. He says, “why is being happy and healthy not considered education?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h11u3vtcpaY

and explains why

– Diet & Nutrition
– Time in Nature
– Contribution & Service
– Relationships
– Recreation
– Relaxation & Stress Management
– as well as Religious & Spiritual Involvement

are fundamental educational areas if we want to live a happy life.

“Most education is orientated … towards making a living rather than making a life” -Laplante

This quote is absolutely true — unfortunately.
That’s why these areas are SO important for any child, and we really have to start focusing on education in these areas, because this “inside learning” prepares us to cope with all the challenges that we are confronted with during our life, they hugely influence how successful, and of course, how HAPPY we can be in life. They are crucial no matter what religion, country or “status” a child is coming from.

Children from today are living in a completely different time and world compared to only a few years before – now everything is constantly changing ALL THE TIME, there is so much distraction, so much happening, so much to reach for … and a constant unconscious bombardment of “you’re not (good) enough”.

“What’s certain is that the world is changing faster than at any time in human history.” – Philip Stephens

We’re not even talking about how many children and teenager experience anxiety, self-worth issues, bullying, depression, panic attacks, etc. We can prevent all that.

The educational system is stuck in a loop that perpetuates and supports misery and depression. If we would add a little bit of love to it, the change we want to see in the world can actually be possible.

We’re now experiencing everything and everyone on a much higher level than ever before and we really need to start to empower children instead of discouraging them, instead of not giving our 100% and gifting them with the life they and everyone deserves to experience – they need us for that and it’s important for the future of every human being as well.

Let’s finally wake up and focus on what’s really important and.

“It’s easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

Another video that sums it up very well:
Youtube – Prince EA

I’d love to hear your thoughts as well ❤

My Mindvalley A-Fest Ibiza Experience


3 years have passed since my last Mindvalley A-Fest (short Afest) in Thailand, which was one of the most impactful and incredible experiences for me next to Boundless Bliss Bali 1 with Kute Blackson in 2011.
I just checked my timeline and saw a post about my experience back in Thailand. I wrote:

“I never thought that 4 days can be so life-changing.
I connected with awesome people from all over the world, laughed, cried, listened, opened my heart, faced fears and challenges, gave and received, learned important lessons, changed, became clear on many of my goals and desires as well as limiting beliefs, worked out, meditated, danced, sang, found new friends, and I am so grateful that I was part of this event! DREAM BIG! “Are you willing to play full out?”- Lisa Nichols”

Yes YES.

So what is Afest?

“A-Fest is an invite-only community of 1000+ extraordinary people from 40+ countries who come together to connect, grow, support each other, and learn from the world’s best teachers. “ (www.afest.com)

Now the first Afest always has a special place in your heart, but while I’m reflecting on my second Afest here in Ibiza (I wished for this to happen since years, guys!!) which ended a few days ago, I can just repeat how powerful and transformational this event is!

What makes Afest so special you may ask? I can tell you – it’s THE PEOPLE who get together at this event for a few days to learn, grow, give, open their hearts, work together, listen, talk, dance, laugh, love and have fun. 300-400 attendees, glowing souls, change-makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, angels, families, dreamers, action-takers, influencers, and friends from all around the world – many of them come back to Afest repeatedly because it is a new and different experience every time they join.

The event takes place 2 times per year in beautiful paradise locations across the world. Afest Ibiza was all about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS with world experts speaking at the event: Esther Perel, Jon and Missy Butcher, John Gray, Marisa Peer, Eric Edmeades, Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani – the founder of Mindvalley, and many more

Next to learning from world renowned speakers there is a lot bonding happening at the event – I mean you almost spend 24 hours x 4 with new and old inspiring friends and this is why so much growth is happening. At the end of Afest you might have given and received 400 hugs!!;) Imagine how much Oxytocin (that’s the so called “Love-Hormone”) this creates in your body
You actually can’t really explain what happens at Afest. I mean, how do you describe Magic?
But you surely go through many emotions and feelings while you are there. It’s like a roller coaster ride – once you’ve said yes you can’t go back and the best is to enjoy the waves of emotions (this is how we heal, right?!).
Personally I can speak of pure bliss, deep gratitude, sadness, unity, joy, excitement, awe, vulnerability and yes, exhaustion (because eheh you don’t get to sleep so much), but what you are especially experiencing is love, acceptance and the feeling of being enough.

You will discover that you just “click” with some people and this feeling is so wonderful, because it makes you feel seen and often times it feels like you have known each other for ages. 4 days fly by so quick and unfortunately you can’t connect with everyone, but that’s where we get back to the “Magic”, because you get to meet the people you’re supposed to meet FOR NOW and anyways, later you can still connect with more Afesters (Internet, Meetups, Future Afests…)

What else can you expect?
You will have breakdowns and breakthroughs, you will learn from others and others will learn from you, you will experience that there is a tribe that will support you, listen to you and love you with all your “flaws” (there are no flaws really, but we seem to like to perceive it like that;)
People will inspire you, empower you to take action to go for your dreams and help you in any way they can.
You’ll have deep and profound conversations, not just small talk – here you’ll experience big talk!
And last but not least, you will have wild dance nights and the best parties with amazing performances and shows!

But you know what is most important? – To really take what you’ve learned and experienced at Afest into your daily life – hug your friends instead of just giving them a handshake; be vulnerable; listen to what others have to say, and listen actively (because with your awareness you can hear and understand even more than what their words are expressing); do what you’ve always wanted to do – take action!; love yourself everyday, because the most important relationship is always the one with yourself – you can only give from a full cup (checkout this short blog post I once wrote about “Why showing your “Ego” isn’t necessarily a bad thing”: https://feedyourinnerverse.wordpress.com/…/why-showing-you…/); and just celebrate each and everyday as if it’s your last – die before you die and see all the wonders and beauty around you, everything is just there FOR YOU

Behind Afest is a big and very professional working team of wonderful people who put their heart and all their love into this event – I’m very grateful to have been able to witness their passion and to support this amazing team here in Ibiza and I hope to experience my 3rd Afest very soon.

BTW next location is Jamaica if you’re interested to apply.

Afesters Ibiza: I’m glad you came 🎶



Thank you Life 

Its been two years this week since I left Germany to move to Ibiza – is it just me or does time fly the older you get? (www.maximiliankiener.com/digitalprojects/time/)

 2 years and I’m still very happy I made that – rather spontaneous – decision. 

Moving within Europe might not be a big deal for many as it is not the other side of the world (like Hawaii where I lived for half year in 2010 to study abroad), but moving into another country was a big deal for me as I decided to move alone and to take a new direction in life. The good thing with studying abroad is that you easily connect with people on your university, you usually already have a social life … that’s different when you move somewhere to live and work, at least in my case as I didn’t even had colleagues in the company I worked for in the beginning. 

When I left Hamburg it was because it was just the right moment to do so. Since 2009 I always knew I wanted to move here, so I thought “now or never” following the quote “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” I have to admit, back then it felt kind of like running away from all my challenges, but what I needed was a change of location to be able to make a big inner change as I was already growing every day in the best way I could.

The day I left. 3 am in the morning. Having packed my luggage last minute, I said goodbye to my old home, my previous boyfriend – not really knowing how to say goodbye without breaking down, leaving with a heavy but really grateful heart, all at the same time. It was exhausting and confusing. Yes, I was looking forward to what lied ahead of me, but I was scared as well. 

My parents brought me to the train station, I almost missed my train… boy, that would have been the last thing I needed.

It was a pain to take the train from Hamburg to Barcelona via Paris, to stay in BCN for two days… and to take the Ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza afterwards but instead of taking the plane and arriving within 2,5 hours, this train-journey helped me to be clear about the step I took and get ready for what lied ahead of me, it helped me to let go.

One part of me didn’t want to leave my home town, my family, friends, and my relationship I had back then… yet the other part of me really wanted to leave… I just knew I had to. There was no other option. Additionally, since I was struggling with many personal challenges, I also didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone and back then really everything felt like getting out of my comfort zone as I was feeling huge amounts of anxiety and hopelessness. Anyways, I knew I needed to follow this inner calling and like I described in a blog post exactly one year ago, it was so important to do so.

Another huge reason why I moved was to get more clear about what I really want to do, in a business kind of sense. Now fast forward two years later, I gave up “figuring it out” and instead decided to just go with the flow of life and with what feels right. That “something that really will make a difference” will come, Im not in a hurry and anyways, life is getting better and better everyday. 

Now I would like to say thank you. Thank you to life, my family who is always there for me even when far away, and to my partner David who supports me in everything I do. I really can’t say where I would be without him… Would I still be here or somewhere else in the world? I have no idea. He is not just my partner, but also a real friend and I appreciate all that he does. (I hope he reads that 😉)  I don’t know where life will lead us, but I’m just grateful ❤ 

David grew up here on the island and showed me the real side of Ibiza which really changes the whole story. It was all supposed to be, right!? Life is just so damn smarter than us.

We just opened a little healthy cafeteria/ juicery here in Ibiza, Sant Antoni to bring some ideas we learned in Germany to local people and to the thousands of tourists who visit Ibiza in summer. Many people are living in a more conscious and healthy way now and as you probably know: changing the way you eat, as well as taking care of your body can really have a profound impact on yourself, your emotions and your growth. I will soon write another blog article about this topic as it is so important and helpful for many people who go through tough times.

My message is: 

If you ever decide to move somewhere else, all alone, you will encounter challenges. These challenges can be small or big: 

you can’t express yourself the way you want to express yourself in another language; 

you might discover how difficult it is to connect to people who just are not interested to open up to “new people”;

it can be difficult to live in a place where the costs of living are exorbitantly high; 

and of course, you will discover that life is just different when your friends and family are not around, when you have to start at “0” but it is an amazing experience for which I am so grateful for. 

There are always challenges, but how slightly you move through them depends on how loud you say yes to them and how determined you go for your dreams. 

I love to travel and there is still so much I want to see from the world but Ibiza is my special place – so far this island has given me so much love.. I have exciting jobs, I’m meeting amazing people, make great experiences and I connected deeper with myself. I’m falling in love with this island every day all over again – and I don’t regret any second.

Love, smiles and sparkles ❤


It’s no cliché, focusing on love changes your life

Our FOCUS is the most important “skill” that we can develop and train. If you want to be successful in life with anything, then you have to train your focus first.

It helps to mediate regularly to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore (thoughts, behaviours, emotions..) – or if you’re badass af leave the meditation and just let go 😅 – and focus on your GOAL (including new thoughts, behaviours and emotions).
Most importantly, dedicate your life to focus on LOVE as often as possible. You always have the choice to either focus on love or fear. Choose love. It can be difficult, yes, BUT it’s worth it. 
Love your experiences! Even the negative ones, so that you’ll be able to change them easier without resistance – there is a reason why you have to go through them. Ask yourself: what can I learn here? Why is this repeating again and again in my life? We are no victims, it’s time to change this belief on our planet.

Love people! When I write love, it doesn’t mean having deep feelings for everyone, but trying to be compassionate and understanding that everyone is going through their own journey with their own world-view and story. Our relationships can trigger us, hurt us, and influence us in a huge way – but only as far as we allow it. Try to understand other peoples experience from your heart. Take your focus down to your heart space and look from there. The mind doesn’t like that and it takes courage and vulnerability. Just acknowledge that. You know, most people are still very unconscious and their behavior day in day out is based on painful past experiences, because they don’t want to look and change. That’s why their behavior (especially the one that triggers you) actually has nothing to do with you.

When you see life from a loving perspective and this really requires dedication to the focus on love, everything starts to flow and you are raising your vibration. Over time you’ll be able to BE LOVE (it’s like as if you’re getting hugged by love) instead of getting lost in ego story and pain when something triggers you. Sure, you might fall back into your story, but you need to realign your focus back to what is relevant. It’s like taking yourself by the hand and showing yourself the right direction. You’ll go through life lesson much easier and you’ll see that things fall into place when you connect with love and your heart – then take action and go have an awesome life 💛