Ready for change

I wrote this article in reply to a post from the Facebook page “Humans of New York”.

In this post a smart young boy says:

“I don’t think I’m going to miss eighth grade. It’s been a tough year. A lot of my friends are struggling with depression and self-harm, and it’s hard for me to watch. I just care about them so much. Growing up is so hard for some people. It’s such a big thing. It’s your foundation, I guess. You’re becoming you. It’s such a big thing and we’re going through it right now. Some of my friends are struggling with loving themselves and loving life. I think they forget that we’re still learning. They think that they’re already who they’re going to be. They think they know the future. And it’s going to be horrible. And they’ll never be able to fix it. But that’s not true because we’re still changing. And we’ll always be changing. Even when we’re old, we’ll be changing.”

These are my thoughts:

Honest and caring words from a young boy whose worries represent the life of thousands, if not millions of young people in the world. Growing up shouldn’t be hard for anyone, children should not experience depression and struggle with self-love.

How much better would the world be if every child could enjoy and connect their childhood and teenage years with playfulness, joy, ease, time in nature, feelings of gratitude, creativity, happy years of growth, years of connection and love, filled with dreams and ideas… at least, for the major part.

It’s true – we’ll always be changing and we need change, actually we’re everyday another version of ourselves – that’s the beauty, WE CAN be whoever we f** want to be.
And it’s especially time for the change of our school systems and their way of education, it’s time to start teaching what is most important to live a healthy, successful, happy, and fun life. This young boy, Logan Laplante, sums it up pretty well in his TED X talk. He says, “why is being happy and healthy not considered education?”:

and explains why

– Diet & Nutrition
– Time in Nature
– Contribution & Service
– Relationships
– Recreation
– Relaxation & Stress Management
– as well as Religious & Spiritual Involvement

are fundamental educational areas if we want to live a happy life.

“Most education is orientated … towards making a living rather than making a life” -Laplante

This quote is absolutely true — unfortunately.
That’s why these areas are SO important for any child, and we really have to start focusing on education in these areas, because this “inside learning” prepares us to cope with all the challenges that we are confronted with during our life, they hugely influence how successful, and of course, how HAPPY we can be in life. They are crucial no matter what religion, country or “status” a child is coming from.

Children from today are living in a completely different time and world compared to only a few years before – now everything is constantly changing ALL THE TIME, there is so much distraction, so much happening, so much to reach for … and a constant unconscious bombardment of “you’re not (good) enough”.

“What’s certain is that the world is changing faster than at any time in human history.” – Philip Stephens

We’re not even talking about how many children and teenager experience anxiety, self-worth issues, bullying, depression, panic attacks, etc. We can prevent all that.

The educational system is stuck in a loop that perpetuates and supports misery and depression. If we would add a little bit of love to it, the change we want to see in the world can actually be possible.

We’re now experiencing everything and everyone on a much higher level than ever before and we really need to start to empower children instead of discouraging them, instead of not giving our 100% and gifting them with the life they and everyone deserves to experience – they need us for that and it’s important for the future of every human being as well.

Let’s finally wake up and focus on what’s really important and.

“It’s easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

Another video that sums it up very well:
Youtube – Prince EA

I’d love to hear your thoughts as well ❤


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