My Mindvalley A-Fest Ibiza Experience


3 years have passed since my last Mindvalley A-Fest (short Afest) in Thailand, which was one of the most impactful and incredible experiences for me next to Boundless Bliss Bali 1 with Kute Blackson in 2011.
I just checked my timeline and saw a post about my experience back in Thailand. I wrote:

“I never thought that 4 days can be so life-changing.
I connected with awesome people from all over the world, laughed, cried, listened, opened my heart, faced fears and challenges, gave and received, learned important lessons, changed, became clear on many of my goals and desires as well as limiting beliefs, worked out, meditated, danced, sang, found new friends, and I am so grateful that I was part of this event! DREAM BIG! “Are you willing to play full out?”- Lisa Nichols”

Yes YES.

So what is Afest?

“A-Fest is an invite-only community of 1000+ extraordinary people from 40+ countries who come together to connect, grow, support each other, and learn from the world’s best teachers. “ (

Now the first Afest always has a special place in your heart, but while I’m reflecting on my second Afest here in Ibiza (I wished for this to happen since years, guys!!) which ended a few days ago, I can just repeat how powerful and transformational this event is!

What makes Afest so special you may ask? I can tell you – it’s THE PEOPLE who get together at this event for a few days to learn, grow, give, open their hearts, work together, listen, talk, dance, laugh, love and have fun. 300-400 attendees, glowing souls, change-makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, angels, families, dreamers, action-takers, influencers, and friends from all around the world – many of them come back to Afest repeatedly because it is a new and different experience every time they join.

The event takes place 2 times per year in beautiful paradise locations across the world. Afest Ibiza was all about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS with world experts speaking at the event: Esther Perel, Jon and Missy Butcher, John Gray, Marisa Peer, Eric Edmeades, Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani – the founder of Mindvalley, and many more

Next to learning from world renowned speakers there is a lot bonding happening at the event – I mean you almost spend 24 hours x 4 with new and old inspiring friends and this is why so much growth is happening. At the end of Afest you might have given and received 400 hugs!!;) Imagine how much Oxytocin (that’s the so called “Love-Hormone”) this creates in your body
You actually can’t really explain what happens at Afest. I mean, how do you describe Magic?
But you surely go through many emotions and feelings while you are there. It’s like a roller coaster ride – once you’ve said yes you can’t go back and the best is to enjoy the waves of emotions (this is how we heal, right?!).
Personally I can speak of pure bliss, deep gratitude, sadness, unity, joy, excitement, awe, vulnerability and yes, exhaustion (because eheh you don’t get to sleep so much), but what you are especially experiencing is love, acceptance and the feeling of being enough.

You will discover that you just “click” with some people and this feeling is so wonderful, because it makes you feel seen and often times it feels like you have known each other for ages. 4 days fly by so quick and unfortunately you can’t connect with everyone, but that’s where we get back to the “Magic”, because you get to meet the people you’re supposed to meet FOR NOW and anyways, later you can still connect with more Afesters (Internet, Meetups, Future Afests…)

What else can you expect?
You will have breakdowns and breakthroughs, you will learn from others and others will learn from you, you will experience that there is a tribe that will support you, listen to you and love you with all your “flaws” (there are no flaws really, but we seem to like to perceive it like that;)
People will inspire you, empower you to take action to go for your dreams and help you in any way they can.
You’ll have deep and profound conversations, not just small talk – here you’ll experience big talk!
And last but not least, you will have wild dance nights and the best parties with amazing performances and shows!

But you know what is most important? – To really take what you’ve learned and experienced at Afest into your daily life – hug your friends instead of just giving them a handshake; be vulnerable; listen to what others have to say, and listen actively (because with your awareness you can hear and understand even more than what their words are expressing); do what you’ve always wanted to do – take action!; love yourself everyday, because the most important relationship is always the one with yourself – you can only give from a full cup (checkout this short blog post I once wrote about “Why showing your “Ego” isn’t necessarily a bad thing”:…/why-showing-you…/); and just celebrate each and everyday as if it’s your last – die before you die and see all the wonders and beauty around you, everything is just there FOR YOU

Behind Afest is a big and very professional working team of wonderful people who put their heart and all their love into this event – I’m very grateful to have been able to witness their passion and to support this amazing team here in Ibiza and I hope to experience my 3rd Afest very soon.

BTW next location is Jamaica if you’re interested to apply.

Afesters Ibiza: I’m glad you came 🎶




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