Thank you Life 

Its been two years this week since I left Germany to move to Ibiza – is it just me or does time fly the older you get? (

 2 years and I’m still very happy I made that – rather spontaneous – decision. 

Moving within Europe might not be a big deal for many as it is not the other side of the world (like Hawaii where I lived for half year in 2010 to study abroad), but moving into another country was a big deal for me as I decided to move alone and to take a new direction in life. The good thing with studying abroad is that you easily connect with people on your university, you usually already have a social life … that’s different when you move somewhere to live and work, at least in my case as I didn’t even had colleagues in the company I worked for in the beginning. 

When I left Hamburg it was because it was just the right moment to do so. Since 2009 I always knew I wanted to move here, so I thought “now or never” following the quote “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” I have to admit, back then it felt kind of like running away from all my challenges, but what I needed was a change of location to be able to make a big inner change as I was already growing every day in the best way I could.

The day I left. 3 am in the morning. Having packed my luggage last minute, I said goodbye to my old home, my previous boyfriend – not really knowing how to say goodbye without breaking down, leaving with a heavy but really grateful heart, all at the same time. It was exhausting and confusing. Yes, I was looking forward to what lied ahead of me, but I was scared as well. 

My parents brought me to the train station, I almost missed my train… boy, that would have been the last thing I needed.

It was a pain to take the train from Hamburg to Barcelona via Paris, to stay in BCN for two days… and to take the Ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza afterwards but instead of taking the plane and arriving within 2,5 hours, this train-journey helped me to be clear about the step I took and get ready for what lied ahead of me, it helped me to let go.

One part of me didn’t want to leave my home town, my family, friends, and my relationship I had back then… yet the other part of me really wanted to leave… I just knew I had to. There was no other option. Additionally, since I was struggling with many personal challenges, I also didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone and back then really everything felt like getting out of my comfort zone as I was feeling huge amounts of anxiety and hopelessness. Anyways, I knew I needed to follow this inner calling and like I described in a blog post exactly one year ago, it was so important to do so.

Another huge reason why I moved was to get more clear about what I really want to do, in a business kind of sense. Now fast forward two years later, I gave up “figuring it out” and instead decided to just go with the flow of life and with what feels right. That “something that really will make a difference” will come, Im not in a hurry and anyways, life is getting better and better everyday. 

Now I would like to say thank you. Thank you to life, my family who is always there for me even when far away, and to my partner David who supports me in everything I do. I really can’t say where I would be without him… Would I still be here or somewhere else in the world? I have no idea. He is not just my partner, but also a real friend and I appreciate all that he does. (I hope he reads that 😉)  I don’t know where life will lead us, but I’m just grateful ❤ 

David grew up here on the island and showed me the real side of Ibiza which really changes the whole story. It was all supposed to be, right!? Life is just so damn smarter than us.

We just opened a little healthy cafeteria/ juicery here in Ibiza, Sant Antoni to bring some ideas we learned in Germany to local people and to the thousands of tourists who visit Ibiza in summer. Many people are living in a more conscious and healthy way now and as you probably know: changing the way you eat, as well as taking care of your body can really have a profound impact on yourself, your emotions and your growth. I will soon write another blog article about this topic as it is so important and helpful for many people who go through tough times.

My message is: 

If you ever decide to move somewhere else, all alone, you will encounter challenges. These challenges can be small or big: 

you can’t express yourself the way you want to express yourself in another language; 

you might discover how difficult it is to connect to people who just are not interested to open up to “new people”;

it can be difficult to live in a place where the costs of living are exorbitantly high; 

and of course, you will discover that life is just different when your friends and family are not around, when you have to start at “0” but it is an amazing experience for which I am so grateful for. 

There are always challenges, but how slightly you move through them depends on how loud you say yes to them and how determined you go for your dreams. 

I love to travel and there is still so much I want to see from the world but Ibiza is my special place – so far this island has given me so much love.. I have exciting jobs, I’m meeting amazing people, make great experiences and I connected deeper with myself. I’m falling in love with this island every day all over again – and I don’t regret any second.

Love, smiles and sparkles ❤



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