About Compliments

A few weeks ago I visited the Wake Up Festival here in Ibiza and as I was watching people dancing and enjoying the day, a beautifully dressed women started to ask me questions.

She had a postcard and a pen in her hand and wanted to know where I come from, how old I am and what I am doing here in Ibiza. So I told her and she started writing…

For minutes she was looking at me in silence as if she reeeeally wanted to know who I am… She didn’t ask me any more questions. She just looked.

After she finished writing, she looked up again and read to me:

Dear Sarah,

do you realise how powerful you are?

And then you show me your beautiful smile and the heart can do nothing than burst open! I would instantly fall in love with you. I am actually.

Your soft, beautiful heart touches.

You are like a bright star that brings light in any darkness. I can see you don’t attract the dark! Keep it that way or transform those!

Be a guide, a teacher of love ❤ – Compliment girl

I didn’t even know what to say. That was really.. beautiful. I thanked her a couple of times, she smiled and then walked away. “Be a guide –  a teacher of love” – that’s it! I asked a question and here was the answer.

Giving compliments can so easily brighten someone’s day. How rarely do we take the time to give compliments, to truly see someone and give them the gift of appreciation? We don’t even have to necessarily know that person. We just need to be quiet and look.

This experience didn’t just give me an answer to a question I had in mind, it also reminded me to speak positive thoughts out loud more often. You never know when a few kind and sincere words can make ones day or even have a great impact on another persons life.





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