Believe in magic

We are living in an universe that we know nothing about, but the facts we do know about the universe make us speechless. Same goes for our bodies, nature and life in general.
“Magic” happens everywhere, all day long 24/7. Just look!! Especially inside of yourself. Your body is a wonder. We have more cells in our body than there are humans on planet earth… much more!! Each of our cells is made of more Atoms than there are stars in the known universe. And you know what? Each atom is just 99.9999% space. You are not even real 😂 Now just try to picture that every human being is performing one task just for you and this is what is happening inside your body every millisecond! You are so alive – even if you don’t feel like it, you are. Do you want to feel it for a second? You can. Your breath, your heartbeat, your organs working, your movements, everything inside of you is pure intelligent life force.

How comes that so many people still believe in “I just believe in what I can see, in what has been scientifically proven, in what is “real” (if there is anything like that) 

Can you see how your cells move, how your body heals itself, how the universe expands, galaxies and light moves, how energy moves when we fall in love, how you body stores energy when something traumatic happens to you, how trees communicate with each other (yes they do!) ???

No, you can’t and yet it all happens.

I still see so many people living with all their limiting beliefs from their childhood – never inquiring, not taking any responsibility for their lifes. And it’s okay, that’s how it is and I don’t want to judge that, but please don’t blame anyone else for your circumstance. We focus too much on our circumstance, on what we DON’T want instead of what we WANT. We give away all our responsibility. Do you know that you are constantly creating your future with your state of being? Forget about your circumstance for a second and focus on your desire or on the fact that you ARE – as easy as that – by letting go of all thoughts for 3 seconds (that is even more powerful) – let go of all arrogance – because otherwise you remain in a loop – just repeating all that you already know. If you want to create a new future you have to create a new state of being. That’s why complaining, worrying, negative news, fear, … just add to all that we don’t want. It’s counterproductive. Yes we learn through the experience of light and dark, yet we keep on focusing too eagerly and too long on what we don’t want and that is why we humans evolve not as fast as we could (I guess). If you want to run a marathon and you are constantly focusing on how difficult it is, how many people are not going to make it, on what could possibly go wrong,… yep, you probably won’t make it.

I’ve been doing a past life session this year and the women who guided me in and out of it told me I’ve lived 686 lifes!! This really blew my mind, but I really believe that… old Soul 😇 Why? Because it empowers me.

And for me it feels like having lived through many lives and experiences in the past. We need to go through so many experiences to grow and learn. 

So in this life I get to pick the fruits: my light and my focus are my (super)powers. Yours as well btw. It’s all just a thought anyway. A thought -something that comes and goes like a cloud in the sky, a wave in the ocean. I am more than that. We are the ocean. In each and everyone of us is so much potential, infinite possibilities.

I know it takes some energy to observe, question, reflect, release… and it brings us out of our comfort zone, but it’s necessary if we want to change. 

That’s why I say, we should learn to focus from an early age on. When we are young, we are more open, we learn faster and have more time to create our future. Oh, there is so so soooo much potential!!

You just have to look inside and you get many answers. But many people don’t even start with that. 

I ask you: do you really, truly feel happy and blissful and full of love at least once per day? I don’t say every second, but just for a few moments? If not, then you can see that something is going very wrong here. 

We are here to learn through contrast, but our natural state is bliss and most people live in an “average-mood-state” if not … worse.

And I don’t exclude myself. Sometimes I probably am one of the most fearful and insecure persons in this world, but I can see where this is coming from, where I have to go and that this is my own responsibility. I have chosen this and I can choose differently. My character is nothing that can be described as steady, you are forever changing and you can be whoever you want to be.

When something is “negative” in your life, you can choose how to see it. You can choose your state and therefore your future. This takes willingness, dedication and application of knowledge that we learn far to late in life and mostly only when we are already in a crisis (later in life).

We “waste” a lot of time. There is no right or wrong, but we can just be so much more effective – if we wanted. 

We go to school for many, many years but we miss the most important lessons, because nobody teaches them to us:

How to focus, how to change limiting beliefs and how they have been created in the first place (we carry them so long with us that it seems very difficult to change them), how to be successful, how to feel good, how to cope with negative feelings and thoughts/ change them, how to respect others, love more, be the best version of ourselves…

I envision a future where children train imagination, create more, have more flexibility, more rest, we should talk more about our desires, challenges, and our fears… our masks and why we wear them. 

Like this we can grow to strong adults, we learn to have more compassion, and especially to have the foundation to build an awesome life… to be ready and prepared.

You can do whatever you want to do – there is no right or wrong. But you can choose to suffer and be a victim or take all chances by the hand, make use of your potential, help others, be empowered and live the most amazing life you’ve ever had 💝


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