Oh what a gift

I was just looking outside my window, looking up to the stars… traveling into the vast universe in my mind. I love to do that… I turn up some beautiful music and breathe deeply, focusing on my heart area. This always helps me to realize how truly, truly special it is to be here on this earth. Being alive is a miracle, a gift. YOU are a gift! There will never ever be someone like you on this earth, not in 100000 million years. You are unique and special and you should be proud of yourself. Allow yourself to do what you really love, share your talents.
Yes, life can get really messy, life throws challenges at us we think we can’t handle; we experience hurt, sadness, anger, doubt, chaos, fear,.. and yet, life is absolutely beautiful if you are willing to see that. It is always, always your perspective (your vibration) that decides how easy/ or uncomfortable life feels. No exceptions.
Daily life can distract us from realizing and truly enjoying this gift of beingness, so I hope, you too, look up to the stars here and then, to acknowledge that this moment is really special, no matter the circumstance that you might be going through.. thank life for being alive and enjoy this journey as much as you can!

Good night from Ibiza kiss emoticon


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