I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Source: weheartit.com

Source: weheartit.com

I want to tell you a little bit from my last year. 2014 has been extremely challenging, and I’ve spent most of the time in deep self reflection, with reading, learning, studying, surrendering and in meditation. Last year there hasn’t been a day without any of those mentioned activities. This is how I’ve learned incredibly much about myself and I was asking myself why I had been so asleep all the years before, just weird.

It was kind of like getting to know myself for the first time in my life. The moment you wake up, the moment you start searching for a deeper truth, the moment you decide you want to claim more of your power – and for me this process has already started in 2009 – all the unconscious stuff is coming up and you get the chance to change and transform. You have to, because there is no way back, haha 😀 So I’ve worked through limiting beliefs, trauma, pain, loss, anxieties, … (and no, it’s not over yet, but I feel I’m on a good way) and I also wanted to understand how we create our reality; why we act like we act; why everyone feels so unhappy and afraid and wears so many masks; why we can’t easily change if we so desperately want to change… I had and still have so many questions.

Your past and your relationships are the greatest teachers. Everyone you meet is a teacher.
During this time what you need most is self-compassion, patience, an open heart, trust in something that is bigger than you, and an openness to vulnerability. I think I never had any of these characteristics before, so I really needed to learn to open up. And man, nobody told me how difficult this would be and sometimes you feel like everything is getting even worse but deep down you know that everything is perfect when you are doing your best and … big change takes time.
You will need time to understand, to process and to integrate – the mind will tell you the opposite, but you will learn that
1. never trust your mind without having questioned it (heart and mind always have to work together)
2. some things work fast, yes, but sometimes you still need to learn a lesson.
So in 2015 I want to share more lessons with you, because I believe sharing our experiences and knowledge can help others immensely. And everyone will encounter a time of growth sooner or later. Always feel free to reach out and ask questions.  Many of you already have contacted me and I want to thank you for that. I know the world opens up even more in the future.

So this year, let’s do more of the good things:
Let’s laugh a little more, have more fun, let’s take life a little less serious, let’s spread more love, and in general let’s choose love more often (instead of fear), let’s step into our power more often, let’s enjoy stillness more often, let’s worry less about what other people think about us and have a little more compassion for yourself, let’s see and appreciate the abundance and beauty around and within us a little more often, let’s open our hearts a little more, let’s become a little more alive, and let’s be a little more grateful and happy.

Sending LOVE your way / wherever you are

xo Sarah


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