How much do you gossip? And why?

Gossiping. We all do it, at least sometimes. Most often we do it in complete confidence without even thinking about consequences and without even questioning why we do it.

I recently got really aware of situations where I was talking negatively about other people or were I was with others who were gossiping and I noticed more and more that I always felt bad when doing so or when I was these people. No wonder. Complaining or talking about other people in a negative way creates negative emotions. Sometimes it makes you feel better in the first place but deep down it creates separateness.

There are many people who are judging and hating and criticising everyone and everything not recognizing that if they judge, they are also judging themselves; not realizing that if they hate, they are owning this hate themselves. What you focus on expands and if you focus on all the bad things (in the world and especially in other people) it’s what you’ll experience and see, too. There is so much beauty out there waiting to be recognized and appreciated. It’s all about your perspective, every apparently negative thing holds something good as well. There will always be good and bad, that’s life and that’s how we learn about what is wanted and desired, that’s how we evolve.

I realized it is easy to fall into this trap of being more outside than inside, it somehow satisfies the ego for some time but in the long run you’ll definitely be happier when first checking in for your own emotions and vibrations, caring about your own problems instead of other people’s stuff. We only help the world when we be the change we wish to see. There is so much you can learn from your emotions and thought patterns. Having an opinion is totally fine but always remember that what you judge in others is something you have inside yourself otherwise you wouldn’t give a damn about it. We don’t grow and heal through hate, we only grow and heal through love.



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