It feels dark because we know that this is not our truth


“Around 800,000 to a million people die by suicide every year, making it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide” (

I was just reading this number and I am shocked. People kill themselves because they feel horrible and see no way out. It’s the desperate desire for love and positive emotions. They are killing themselves because they see no way out, because they don’t know how to feel good again and don’t know what is going on inside them.
I experienced this feeling myself a few years ago and I felt absolutely overwhelmed.

I am shocked, because I believe everyone has the potential to heal themselves and most of the people just don’t know how! This is why I always say it would be so important to teach (especially) children about how emotions work, and how thoughts, beliefs about and our attitude towards things and circumstance shape our reality. It’s about getting to know our inner world – our inner world is even more important than what is going on outside because outside is just a mirror.
I hope so much that we wake up to our potential and wake up to our truth, to all the possibilities that are hidden beneath the negativity. It’s time to follow our hearts instead of our minds. It’s time to feel love and gratitude and to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s time to connect authentically and open up. It’s time to support each other. Let’s start with ourselves.


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