Why Star Wars teaches your child important life lessons that any religion doesn’t


This article by Vishen Lakhiani is absolutely brilliant!

Vishen lists the top 10 things that any parent can teach their child from Star Wars and explains why he rejects to teach his son just one religion.

“I believe in God and hope that my son does too. But it has to be HIS decision.

If I raised Hayden with an organized religion, I’d be exposing him to too much risk:

  • The risk of getting identified with one branch of ideas, rather than seeing the whole picture.
  • The risk of exposure to intolerance, guilt or fundamentalism.
  • The idea that he had to live his life, unquestionably based on the ideas from a 1000 year old book.
  • The risk of feeling guilt, shame or fear if he broke any one of the hundreds of ‘rules’ that often make no sense but are blindly followed generation to generation.

For religion takes itself way to seriously.”



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