I promise this can be mind-blowing!

I want to share an experiment with you. Something you’ve probably never done before. 
In 2011 I traveled to Bali for a life-changing journey with an amazing coach – his name is Kute Blackson. We did this experiment with the group and something shifted inside me and touched me deep inside. 

Here we go: 
Find a person you absolutely trust, someone who is open to do something exciting with you. Why not anyone? Because you need to totally open up to the other person and this is easier with a person you feel comfortable with.
Then stay in front of the other person – face to face – and look each other in the left (!) eye. Relax and keep looking for at least 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes:)
During these 15 minutes you either be silent or you can tell the other person all the things you think you are (and vice versa): a mother, a student, a brother, a confident person, a sad person, a creative person, … again and again, list all the things you identify yourself with. 

I’m sure you’ll recognize something in the other person and within you that is beyond words.

I would love to read about your experiences xx


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