Your Future You

Not only will your “future you” thank you for a fit and healthy body, but your “future you” will also thank you for a fit and healthy mind.

If you want to feel better about your body and are willing to change something, you start exercising, of course. I guess you already know about the significant health benefits of exercise.
But did you know that mind/awareness training is at least as important and beneficial as doing physical activity? If you want to experience emotional balance and clear thoughts then start today, not tomorrow.
Knowing how the mind works is equally important as performing the correct movement while exercising.

There are many practices, but start small if you haven’t done any “training” before: For just 2 minutes, close your eyes and relax your awareness/ your focus on any thought and watch your breath (you don’t need to influence the rhythm of your breath). If thoughts arise and you get “distracted”, that’s ok! Just return your attention back to your breath whenever you notice “blahblahblah” (a thought). Over time and when you feel comfortable you can increase the duration of your training.

Everything takes practice and determination. Take the first step:)


Future YouTake the first step


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