Go with the flow


Source: Weheartit.com

“Whatever you resist, persists”

Do you know why it’s so important to not suppress or resist feelings? It’s because the energy always has to flow.
If you suppress or resist a feeling – conscious or unconscious – the energy (=emotion) gets stuck.
The following analogy is great: Imagine a cooking pot with boiling water inside. If you now put a lid on the pot, the steam won’t be able to escape and you know what happens then: the water boils over. It’s the same with your body – and this is one of the reasons why permanent stress can cause even more unpleasant feelings after a while.

So start to connect to your body and your feelings and try to just feel an emotion instead of labeling/ suppressing/ resisting it.

There is always a message. Be open. Relax🙂


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